Beef Kafta Kabob Seasoning

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Elevate your Beef game with this authentic Mediterranean blend of Beef Kafta Kabob Seasoning from Spice Giant. Made with all-natural herbs, spices, and seasonings, this all-purpose seasoning adds a Middle Eastern flair to any dish.

  • All Purpose: Whether you're grilling beef or making a vegetarian wrap, this seasoning adds flavor to any recipe.
  • All Natural: Made without any artificial preservatives or flavors for a healthier and more natural taste.
  • Authentic Mediterranean Blend: Transport yourself to the streets of the Middle East with the bold and aromatic flavors in every bite.

Packaged in a convenient plastic bottle from Spice Giant in the US, each pack contains 5 oz of flavorful seasoning. Perfect for home cooks who want to add some international flair to their dishes!

 This is an Authentic Mediterranean Blend made with only the best Ingredients.

Use as a marinade or rub.

Gluten Free - No MSG 


Coriander, Ginger, Garlic, Black pepper, Herbs, and Proprietary Spice Blend. 

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