About Us

Spice Giant was founded in 2008 by Mark Dabish. from the start, Mark Dabish wanted to offer the best quality product.

Spice Giant offers retail products for markets and grocery stores to sell, also we have product line for Food Service.

Mark Dabish, Owner of Spice Giant was born in Tel Keppe a small town in northern Iraq, the town name means"Hill of Stones" Mark Came to America in 1971 and his family settled in Detroit, MI. Growing up Mark watched his mother and grand mother cook, every family get together involved food. Mark took an in trust in cooking by the age of 15, Mark Cooks meals for family and friends often. His specialty is all types of food, Italian,Greek, Mexican, Chinese and many more. His passion for SHAWARMA started around 2000. By 2008 Mark decided to mix his own blend of spices so he could cook shawarma at home. by 2010 the recipe for chicken shawarma seasoning was perfected!

By popular demand, many friends and family asked him for his shawarma seasoning. Around 2010 Mark Dabish started selling his shawarma seasoning. In February 2017 Mark opened a restaurant called Detroit Shawarma in Detroit, MI. Mark perfected his other seasoning blends in the restaurant, Shawarma Fries, Crispy Chicken Shawarma and more.

Moving forward, Mark is dedicated to building the Spice Giant name and continue to offer the great quality products. Mark is expanding to offer his products in retail stores and expand his food service product line.